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Title: Attempting to get my friends "Into the Coven" *Long post
Post by: KVee616 on August 08, 2015, 11:15:32 am
I view King Diamond(The man and the band) as one of the biggest sources of creative and mind blowing music that transcends it's industry and stands as one of the best forms of entertainment ever imagined. Not only do I see King Diamond as a band that produced one masterpiece after another, I also see it as music that has changed my life forever. I won't get overly personal but long story short high school was a damn drag and King Diamond/Mercyful Fate fought my depression. I discovered this music at a young age because my father was a fanatic and played it constantly when I was a child, so by the time I was in high school I decided to give KD a shot. At this point I pretty much forced myself to listen to rap/pop because I felt it was the proper thing to do at the time because that's what everyone else liked but always hated it deep down. I started by listening to tracks like "The Candle", "Abigail", "Never Ending Hill", and "Voodoo". To be honest at first the music scared the hell into me and I literally ended up having flashbacks to my childhood with my father. Then I realized just how much ass King Diamond kicked and have been listening ever since. I finally got around to seeing King live last year and no exaggeration it was one of the best moments of my existence!

Naturally when you enjoy something so very much you want to get your peers into it as well. This is where I am having trouble. It boggles my mind how turned off people get by King Diamond's music. It can be a litany of reasons such as anxiety, fear(literally some people get scared by it), the aversion to heavy metal, King's awesome voice, and even assuming all of his music must be satanic(which I guess is fair but KD has produced more about voodoo, possessions, and ghost stories than about Satan). Despite all of this I believe I have finally found the way to bring my friends "Into the Coven" and truly show them how awesome King Diamond is! Which of course would be...

Abigail In Concert 2015

King Diamond's live shows are a completely different animal than his records. They are filled with awesome characters, King's iconic stage presence, and of course the energy of a live metal show. This concert also happens to contain one of the greatest records ever released as well. Which makes this a perfect situation to bring my friends into. Unfortunatley I have hit a snag and that snag is money. I am 22 and very far from rich. I am looking into the NYC show because I live in Rochester NY and that is the closest to me and probably the furthest people will go with me to see a show. Last time I got tickets to a KD show they were 35.00 a pop which is nothing but now one ticket is upwards of  90.00-100.00 dollars which is absolutely worth it but kind of difficult seeing as though I wanna bring 7 people. It wouldn't be too bad if I could space out the purchases but I get paid bi-weekly and tickets are already flying off the shelf. So I have no clue what to do.

TLDR: King Diamond is the greatest thing ever, I want my friends to see him live, too bad I'm not rich.
Title: Re: Attempting to get my friends "Into the Coven" *Long post
Post by: TwilightKing on August 08, 2015, 11:22:18 am
All i can say is, if they don't like it, you can't force them. Keep listening, and it may grow on others. But don't expect them to like something just because you do. As long as they respect it, that's OK.
Title: Re: Attempting to get my friends "Into the Coven" *Long post
Post by: KVee616 on August 08, 2015, 11:48:23 am
Alright maybe I am coming off as forceful here haha. I suppose I don't want anyone to be forced into liking King because that wouldn't make sense. Its more so that I want them to have fun with me at a concert and at least respect the talent and effort made by the band.
Title: Re: Attempting to get my friends "Into the Coven" *Long post
Post by: KVee616 on August 09, 2015, 10:17:58 pm
I've picked up 3 tickets to the show thus far and plan on grabbing 4 more tomorrow morning!! As well possibly another 3 on Friday!! Looks like I'll be bringing along 9 others with me for this show! Incredibly excited!  :king:
Title: Re: Attempting to get my friends "Into the Coven" *Long post
Post by: sithslayer on August 21, 2015, 10:54:53 pm
Only one of my friends is going with me to the concert in November.  For some reason its hard to convince my hardcore christian friends to go and they don't seem to understand how I can be christian and want to go so bad. Oh well don't harass anyone to go its not like you want someone there that wants to leave the whole time anyway right?
Title: Re: Attempting to get my friends "Into the Coven" *Long post
Post by: KVee616 on August 22, 2015, 10:51:43 pm
Absolutely I wouldn't want anyone to go who would be want to leave the whole time. I know you're pain about the religious aspect of it. It is hard explaining why Diamond is constantly rocking upside down crosses on his face. But once I explain how it has always been apart of his act and what I have heard about his current religious ideals my friends cool off. Plus KD's subject matter is rarely satanic with his solo band.

New update: I currently have TEN tickets and am bringing a huge group of really awesome people who are excited to go!! It is gonna be so awesome! Showed two of them The Candle tonight and they were blown away!
Title: Re: Attempting to get my friends "Into the Coven" *Long post
Post by: SatanKing on August 23, 2015, 06:28:13 am
KVee616 : I have only heard of a couple of people saying they will not listen to King as he is a Satanist in real life and includes his satanic beliefs in his lyrics, but then I have heard many say they got into King because he is for real so it balances out. I love and respect that his personal Satanic beliefs are incorporated into his lyrics. It always added something to it for me and it still does knowing he is not a fake like so many others in metal.

At least when King wears the Satanic crosses you know he actually means it unlike most of the others in metal
Title: Re: Attempting to get my friends "Into the Coven" *Long post
Post by: johnnieczech on September 01, 2015, 05:50:05 am
I remember the last time in Prague, I went with bunch of friends and they brought in their girls and they all loved it, even though some of the girls weren't into metal at all. I am also surprised that lots of people have preconceptions when it comes to King. They probably never heard him properly, yet they hate him (and I'm talking about the metalheads too). They often change their mind when they give it a proper listen and an attention. King Diamond is not the kind of music people listen to when jogging (you know what I mean...), you have to go deep.