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Title: Abigail 2 The Revenge question...
Post by: ilmothedude on June 04, 2017, 10:26:23 am
I never really got around Abigail 2 album, until just recently, and now I just love that album. Story is so well told, very atmospheric and creeeeepy! Also my favorite KD album artwork, very atmospheric!
And as many probably know, storyline can be a bit confusing, but I guess I get most of it except that last phrase, on "Sorry Dear".  "I do like the dark tho"... it gives really a feeling there was someone else who said this. Little one was crying after her mom and that she doesn't like dark... silence, and "I do like the dark tho"... So who was that? To me it doesn't make sense that it would be Little one, since she cries she doesn't like the dark. And it's confusing how original Abigail album gives impression that Abigails spirit is evil (or vengeful at least), on part two she doesn't actually seem too evil, but just sad and lost. So could it be possible Little one wasn't that original Abigails spirit? If that makes sense...  :icon_mrgreen:

I'd appreciate some clarification.  :icon_confused:
Title: Re: Abigail 2 The Revenge question...
Post by: Shadowswhisper on June 12, 2017, 12:35:00 pm
The end reference to liking the darkness was i believe meant to be humorous for after little one says i do like the dark though you hear a  church choir singing amen. A well placed flare for the dark and Gothic.

  As for the concept it was a bit confusing knowing who was who what was what however O'Brien was Abigail's half brother and the keeper of her soul and he states she is nor evil nor good she wants to set things right again.  It is certain though the mansion itself is a manifestation of evil due to murder betrayal infidelity and perhaps even incest.

Little one was i believe merely the ghost of Miriam's child and Abigail's soul was unleashed by O'brien to posses the soul of a women to return to the mansion.

I personally took it Abigail was  returning to the mansion to  destroy it and release the spirits trapped inside bring an end to Johnathan's reign and ill tempered spirit removing the curse from the mansion and putting all to rest. 

Stay Heavy  \m/
Title: Re: Abigail 2 The Revenge question...
Post by: ilmothedude on June 14, 2017, 03:49:51 pm
Thanks for your thoughts. It's excellent concept but quite confusing indeed, but excellence of Kings music is that it's up to listeners interpretations, how details of concept go! \m/
Title: Re: Abigail 2 The Revenge question...
Post by: fatekingfate on July 02, 2017, 06:45:03 am
Good album for sure! Solid and heavy! My fave song on the album is Little One!  \m/ :cool:
Title: Re: Abigail 2 The Revenge question...
Post by: Shadowswhisper on August 17, 2017, 10:41:46 pm
I really liked The storm as well as Slippery stairs that damn solo is just incredible i do wish King and the guys would write more intense up tempo pieces like that.  And last but not least Broken glass the keys/harps intro to that is just awesome.

Stay heavy
Title: Re: Abigail 2 The Revenge question...
Post by: TheUnborn on October 28, 2017, 11:05:03 pm
Great to see some worship towards Abigail II!

It is for sure the most progressive metal-album King Diamond has ever done, riff-wise as well as the vocal harmonies which are all over the place in perfect harmony in the end, which might be why a lot of fans is having a hard time with it. Everything from the story to the music is very intricate and "hard" to follow if you don't give the album time to grow on you. But it really blooms into a black rose if you give it many spins and follow the lyrics along with the family tree in the booklet etc etc.
Especially "Slippery Stairs" is just disturbing and depraved, enhancing everything into a whole new darkness. God damn you, Jonathan!

"What about little oooone...?"   So good.

And yes, it does contain some absolute hits! "Broken Glass" is a definite classic, that harpsichord is so perfect! And of course, "The Wheelchair" and "Spirits", absolutely masterpieces. It shows how King Diamond manages to tell the climax in a terrific way, I get goosebumps each time I'm listening to these songs. They contain so much hate/despair/love, which in the end is what the whole saga about "Abigail" is all about. I'm listening to "The Wheelchair" as I'm writing this. Unbelievable stuff!

I can't believe that King Diamond didn't get to tour this record. The production I believe would be amazing!

Title: Re: Abigail 2 The Revenge question...
Post by: johnnieczech on November 14, 2017, 07:41:05 am
Spirits is one of the best songs KD's ever done.
Title: Re: Abigail 2 The Revenge question...
Post by: Chagosomar on November 14, 2017, 04:36:14 pm
hmmm ill have to give this another listen. i think i dismissed this one pretty quickly upon first hearing it.
Title: Re: Abigail 2 The Revenge question...
Post by: sithslayer on November 18, 2017, 12:07:52 pm
I agree spirits is a amazing song he really sounds awesome and his voice does a big range of sounds showcasing his talent.
Title: Re: Abigail 2 The Revenge question...
Post by: swintek on November 28, 2017, 02:53:44 pm
As an older fan all the way back, I absolutely consider this one of his best records, and I can't understand that it constantly gets rated near the bottom in most Album rankings I've seen around here and elsewhere. It's dynamic, it's atmospheric, the songs are top notch, it sounds amazing- the production is great- and the guitar playing is off the charts- even more than "normal". This record shreds. If you haven't given it a fair chance- I strongly suggest you try again. I did that with The Graveyard many years ago: didn't grab me at first. took me a couple years later to really let it get me. Now- it's near the top as well.  :king: