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King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Interesting King Diamond Interview from 1986
« Last post by TheUnborn on October 28, 2017, 11:43:53 PM »
For those interested Mind over Metal did a podcast reviewing King Diamonds "Them".  Interesting they hint at what fans have said for years that King is warning people not to mess with these powers in his songs and storylines as they are evil and no good at all can come from dealing with these spirits and powers.  He clearly stands behind the Satanic Philosophy but when it comes to the forces he calls Satan he clearly see's them as dangerous and evil most likely due to his own bad experiences with them that he has talked about.  Ironically King sounds almost christian like in that warning of dealing with all supernatural occult powers

 :king: :king:
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Burning The Cross, the song - B. Petersen.
« Last post by TheUnborn on October 28, 2017, 11:41:40 PM »
Yes indeed, fatekingfate, it's one of the very first black metal-songs ever recorded. Fantastic!

Thanks a lot for the info, TwilightSymphony. Appreciated!!
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Happy 240th Still-Birthday, Abigail!
« Last post by TheUnborn on October 28, 2017, 11:38:05 PM »
A late one.
Still, cheers! :king:
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Question about Madeline from The Eye
« Last post by TheUnborn on October 28, 2017, 11:33:52 PM »
I've always been puzzled about the mysterious Two Little Girls myself.
It doesn't really give any good explanation on how The Eye suddenly ends up in the possession of Madeleine. Was the convent built upon the stake which Jeanne D'basson was burnt and lost her necklace?

But yes, as TwilightKing says, this part of the lyrics is very strange;

"That night she awoke to find "The Eye" on the stone cold floor.
Why, she never ever would know why but she put it on."

She just awoke and found the ancient necklace?

I guess only King has the answer to these questions, or maybe they can be found somewhere in the lyrics, I don't know.

What is for certain is that The Eye is a masterpiece of an album. It's been my favourite album by KD ever since I heard it in 1992.
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Abigail 2 The Revenge question...
« Last post by TheUnborn on October 28, 2017, 11:05:03 PM »
Great to see some worship towards Abigail II!

It is for sure the most progressive metal-album King Diamond has ever done, riff-wise as well as the vocal harmonies which are all over the place in perfect harmony in the end, which might be why a lot of fans is having a hard time with it. Everything from the story to the music is very intricate and "hard" to follow if you don't give the album time to grow on you. But it really blooms into a black rose if you give it many spins and follow the lyrics along with the family tree in the booklet etc etc.
Especially "Slippery Stairs" is just disturbing and depraved, enhancing everything into a whole new darkness. God damn you, Jonathan!

"What about little oooone...?"   So good.

And yes, it does contain some absolute hits! "Broken Glass" is a definite classic, that harpsichord is so perfect! And of course, "The Wheelchair" and "Spirits", absolutely masterpieces. It shows how King Diamond manages to tell the climax in a terrific way, I get goosebumps each time I'm listening to these songs. They contain so much hate/despair/love, which in the end is what the whole saga about "Abigail" is all about. I'm listening to "The Wheelchair" as I'm writing this. Unbelievable stuff!

I can't believe that King Diamond didn't get to tour this record. The production I believe would be amazing!

Brian Slager had an interview with the Dutch metal press (this because of his book: For the sake of heaviness, check that one out) and in that inteview he said, the planning for a new King Diamond release is by the end of next year. So patience.
There will be the dvd / blu ray release in the beginning of next year first.

A new album by the end of next year..... such a long time. Patience is a virtue, "they" say.
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Mercyful Fate history tour
« Last post by TheUnborn on October 28, 2017, 10:19:56 PM »
And you've got a killer lp in your hands there. Riffs!
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: The Graveyard - Lucy.
« Last post by TheUnborn on October 28, 2017, 10:18:07 PM »
I definitely agree, The Graveyard is real masterpiece. Even though King's albums are impossible to rank, it's one of my favorites.

You know, first times I listened the album I wondered excact same thing as you about "Sleep Tight Little Baby" and still do actually. I don't know how it's explained, but we should keep in mind that main character was really lunatic, so it might have been partially his imagination. Afterall whole case might had been in his sick mind and McKenzie was actually innocent, and lunatic was one who was obsessive towards Lucy right from start, especially line "Lucy... Come to DADDY" on "Up from the Grave" gives impression of this possibility. Also I don't think that Lucy really put lunatic's head on her backpack as that sounds so absurd, but that was more like near death illusions. As for "Daddy", I believe I read it somewhere and it was stated maybe even King himself on some interview that lunatic saw/felt presence of his own daddy in graveyard who watched him with condemning look on his face. That's why lunatic is pleading "Daddy don't look at me like that
I didn't do it...HE did...It was HIM". I myself wonder why lunatic would feel his daddy is condeming him, if he wasn't done anything... It would be more like that his subconscious knows truth, and it appears in his daddy's form.

Hope that gives some answers and thoughts. :)

Thanks for the elaborate answer.
Yes, I've also thought about the theory that King in this story might have been abused himself in his childhood and that it has damaged his mental state, which is why he was placed in the Black Hill Sanitarium in the first place.

It's a dark story indeed. I'm still amazed each time I play this album.
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Live Blu Ray
« Last post by TheUnborn on October 28, 2017, 10:08:27 PM »
I just read an interview with Brian Slagel where he says the dvd / blu ray is planned for beginning next  year.
Unknown which month.
By the end of 2018, when things go as planned a new King Diamond record. After that (2019)possible talks about a new Mercyful Fate release.

It will be worth the wait.  \m/

Please please please.
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