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King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: A get well to Hal
« Last post by Bub on July 08, 2018, 03:05:52 am »
Get well soon Hal! \m/
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / A get well to Hal
« Last post by Shadowswhisper on July 07, 2018, 01:41:48 am »
Would like to send best wishes out to Hal Patino and family as i understand he recently has had some health problems.  Even though he is not part of KD anymore and all that entails.

Hal has done some very memorable work with King and the guys so i wish him a speedy recovery and wish he will always.......StayHeavy  \m/
I’m on one group over there. Not sure if it’s official or not, but I see livia post on it from time to time so I’m guessing it is.
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Facebook - King Diamond/Mercyful Fate.
« Last post by TheUnborn on July 06, 2018, 09:22:51 pm »
Just wondering how many of you guys on this forum is also active on the different KD/MF-groups on facebook.
You don't really have to reveal your names or anything, it would just be cool to know if anyone of you is also on facebook, and not just here on this forum.  :king:

np: Mercyful Fate "Into The Unknown"

The tape, for logical reasons, can't be pressed right after Them. But still, a very curious item.
I believe there can't be many of those tapes pressed world wide, really. Killer!
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Your hopes for the next KD album?
« Last post by TheUnborn on July 06, 2018, 09:09:06 pm »
We are well into July of 2018, so even if King Diamond starts to record this year, it definitely won't see the light of day until some time next year, 2019.
And I really hope King let's his very own Matt Thompson get more room to do his drumming, just like Mikkey Dee got on his four albums in the 80's. Let Matt make his signature in King Diamond and really show what he is good for!

I honestly can't believe it's already been 11 years since Give Me Your Soul Please was released. God damn time moves fast!
Happy Birthday king though belated as you always say Stay Heavy  \m/ Much love brother keep on kicking ass
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Your hopes for the next KD album?
« Last post by Shadowswhisper on June 21, 2018, 09:27:44 pm »
No need for a long discussion   I just want all the guys to be in top form as they have been i expect some new and inventive vocal passages by King some excellent rhythm by Andy Mike and Pontus with some strong and aggressive drum lines from Matt..

More Basically  its needs to be fucking ! heavy and i know the band is capable of it so lets go and make this album a true metal masterpiece as many before.   I had to Modify this message because i forgot a very important aspect of King Diamond that is Livia i wish to hear her on the new album as well.

Stay Heavy  \m/
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