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Figures! I never get lucky enough to win shit. Mines on the way, but the only thing it says on my “note” is that it’s on its way. Congrats to you though, that’s super cool.
email received today...

Hello, a note has just been added to your order:
You have been CHOSEN to receive a Signed King Diamond Statue as well as a Signed Certificate of Authenticity.
By pre-ordering this statue, your name was entered in the drawing and was selected at random. You purchased the statue for the regular pre-order list price of $125, but since we drew your name, instead of receiving the standard King Diamond Rock Iconz statue, you will instead receive one of the rare signed statues.
You should receive your shipping confirmation by email once it ships and that will include the tracking information for your package.
sTILL WARPED? Gotta be kidding me!Oh well, I hope I can make it fit in a frame, because that's where it's going as soon as I get it.
Cool. That one doesn’t actually look too bad, and the packaging looks good. Depending on price I might have to grab one.
Good news!

New copies have been produced!

Since i was in touch with Metal Blade, i got new copies. I actually received them from DHL 15 minutes ago as i type this.  \m/
Identifiers and all that are identical as the first batch, which were pulled from sale.

So, when you still have the 10" on order, i think you will get them soon enough.

The bad news: they are still warped, but not as bad as the first time around.
I played one, and it plays fine.  :king:

I hope they end up getting produced will be cool to see in stores
For the right price I might get one, but I think after I get my hands on the Rock Icons statue coming out soon, I won't need one of those.  :king:

Having recently teamed up with Iron Maiden and Misfits for similar styled figures, Super 7 have revealed the early prototype of an upcoming King Diamond figure at the New York Toy Fair in their retro themed ReAction line. There’s no word on release details yet
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: What does this forum need?
« Last post by Cornloaf on March 01, 2018, 03:52:21 pm »
It is even worse for me.  I deleted all of my social media accounts.  I can't stand the intrusiveness of those sites and the major time suck that they cause.  I would rather play with Ada (my 3 year old) than see distant acquaintances post fake news and invite me to play Farmville.
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: What does this forum need?
« Last post by Satans KINGdom on February 28, 2018, 12:39:04 am »
It sure did. But it’s also simply so much easier to follow things on social media nowadays. Especially for us. The forum format, as an outlet for news, is not really “worth” to spend time on anymore. To be honest, we reach only a few people here, even less new people, and I really prefer not to spend an hour or two formatting announcements to fit nicely here. :(

I think the forum is still a cool place for fans to talk about stuff, but as a news outlet, I simply cannot and don’t have time anymore to update it (rather play with Byron :) ).
It's a shame that it came to that, because I still find it easier to follow stuff in a forum format than Facebook and or twitter type sites. I'm sure it's why this forum is so dead now, which is really a shame. The main reason I find this better also, is the fact that you can remain anonymous here, but on FB, your real name and information is out there for anyone to see. That doesn't keep me from commenting on topics there, but I don't need everyone on my friends list to know what bands I interact with, or what I say, and when I say it. Some groups are private, but most band pages are public (as they should be), and therefor everything you post on them is made public as well. So my interaction with a lot of stuff is a lot less than it would be if posted on a site like this.

But life goes on, so I'll either adjust to it or not. Probably not though, I'm old and hate change lol
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