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King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Please stop!
« Last post by TheUnborn on September 01, 2017, 08:58:54 pm »
Well, I for one always enjoyed me some Egyptian darkness in my metal. First scale I learned after the pentatonic. HAHA.

And, Balor, you don't like histrionic vocals? Did you not check what forum you stumbled upon?

There are tons of things bands in general (and sometimes KD in particular) need to stop doing:

1. Stop producing your own albums. Writing songs and recording songs, is not the same as knowing what's best for the song or the sound. An outside professional perspective, from somebody who is not a yes-man, often brings MORE out of the artist, and makes the artist think and operate outside their comfort zone. King Diamond's first four albums, with an executive producer, far outshine the last few that have been produced "in-house". Some artists are control-freaks, and need to be in charge of everything, and that is how you end up with no bass on "Justice for all", or static drum patterns on "Give me your soul". Letting go is not a bad thing.

2. Stop the one man show. Let the musicians do their jobs and contribute to the song. A lot of one man shows choke the artistic expressions out of the other band members. Matt Thompson can drum in circles around most metal drummers, but you would never know from listening to the last few albums. Any dive bar metal drummer could play that boring generic crap. Same thing with the guitars. Let Andy and Mike re-write some of the riffs King comes up with. The rhythm guitars of late have been uninspiring and, again, generic.

3. Stop the over-compressed brick-walling. Thank god KD has not fallen into this trap, but more often than not do I find modern metal releases to be absolutely unlistenable due to the horrid production. Ghost's last two releases are abominations. What a shame, and so easy to STOP doing.

4. Stop the layers and layers of vocals and guitars. Somebody said it; the insane amount of layers to vocals and guitars drive me nuts as well. Most metal bands layer a riff twice, or even three times, when they record - to add some fat, but some do it better than others. If you can't play along with yourself when recording, muddying up the sound, you probably shouldn't. And if you need to add seven layers to your guitar melodies; buy a harmonizer (Steve Vai) or just STOP! In KD's music, layered vocals were mostly AWESOME - because he would layer a whisper with a growl and a falsetto - and then go all guns blazing in some choruses to make it like a choir of reverberated demons. Part of the "histrionics", I guess. HAHA. Then he got all "organic", and just lays down the one vocal track for the most part.

5. Stop it with the bonus tracks. Either add the song, or not. B-side to a single; OK. Bonus track; just stop it. The era of the cassette tape ended a million years ago.

6. Stop it with the duets with a female singer who all sound like Floor Jansen. Actually, make this number 1.

7. Stop it with the songs clocking in over 10 minutes. You can't buy a 10+ min track by itself on iTunes, and instead you have to buy the whole fucking useless album to get ONE song you like (thanks, Symphony X).

8. Stop it with the "Greatest Hits" Who buys that shit?

1. This one I agree with the most. Artists that take matters into their own hands usually end up with a not-so-good-sounding-album. The best example I can come up with would be when Blackie Lawless began to produce WASP-albums. Still good music, but the sound...
I can understand it from the artists perspective though, you save A LOT of money by producing it yourself. These days bands haven't got endless funds from labels to back up months and months in a studio. This has also happened with King Diamond, so they have to make the best of it, and that is to use Andys studio and produce it themselves. You can't really blame bands for trying to make ends meet, you know. But yes, it is a shame it has to be that way.

2. Can't really argue a lot with this statement as well. But then again, we are not a part of the process of making King Diamond-albums. What do we know about Andy and Mike not giving input into the songs? Yes, the 80'-records show a lot more air and dynamics in the sound, but is that due to the actual era it was recorded in or the fact that King Diamond himself now is a lot more strict?

3. A terrible trend of late. It can be easily heard on the latest Ghost-albums, which I still think it great, but could be a lot better with less compressed production. I really don't see the benefit.

4. Never had a problem with this in King Diamond or Mercyful Fate. If there are layers, it only makes the song better.

5. Unfortunately, there are WAY too little bonus-stuff in general when it comes to King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. The last real bonus was "Shrine" during the Abigail-recording, and the "S.H." instrumental on the Japanese version of 9. A great bonus for me would be if the King Diamond-band filmed some stuff here and there during the recording of a new album, like a small documentary.

6. Not a problem in King Diamond. Gives the story depth. And Livia sounds great.

7. I can agree with this one. Some bands tend to go on and on with their songs. But then again, it all depends on the genre they are playing.

8. Greatest Hits is a thing that still tends to be released by labels, even to this day, and we are almost in the year 2018. I cannot fathom the function of such releases. Maybe to get away from a contract?

Anyway, I think 2018 will be the year for King Diamond when considering a new album and maybe a DVD (as a bonus with the new album??).

King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Please stop!
« Last post by TheUnborn on September 01, 2017, 08:30:42 pm »
Metal itself. It's annoying as heck. I wanna dance! :icon_lol:

Also, the fact that metal fans tend to take themselves so freaking seriously. "Let's be different and open-minded by wearing black T-shirts and listening only to distorted guitars". Talk about identity and originality! Being different by looking all the same and being open-minded by rejecting everything non-metal! :icon_lol:

I don't take myself seriously, but I sure as hell take metal seriously. There is a difference.
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Live Blu Ray
« Last post by TheUnborn on September 01, 2017, 08:20:09 pm »
The  wait is nothing, compared to the "forthcoming" DVD from Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush...
They filmed it in 2011, and Frank has been repairing the drum tracks (10 hours of music) manually ever since...

What do you mean exactly?
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Congratulations to King and Livia
« Last post by TheUnborn on September 01, 2017, 08:11:48 pm »
Absolutely fantastic news!
Congratulations to the both of you.
You gave him the best name that he could possibly get. Byron!
David Byron himself would be proud.
The Zita Diamond-family! All the best wishes!
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / The Graveyard - Lucy.
« Last post by TheUnborn on September 01, 2017, 08:04:36 pm »
I remember buying The Graveyard when it was released in 1996. But there are still some things I wonder about the story.
I consider this album to be one of the very darkest and depraved works of King Diamond. A terribly underrated masterpiece.


One thing about the story I'm a bit puzzled about. In the song "I'm Not A Stranger", King tells us that Lucy 'must be at least seven years of age'. She could even be eight or nine for all he knows, it's just a guess. But then in the song "Sleep Tight Little Baby", it's like Lucy is a little baby. She cries like she is three years old or something. And she is referred to, as the title of the songs says, a little baby. It's like she is a little baby that he has to carry in his arms and put into the coffin before he buries her in one of the seven graves.
But then again in the song Lucy Forever, she is old enough to put the head of King in her backpack and walk home with her daddy.

How old is Lucy exactly?
Maybe I'm just looking too deep into the story.


And the biggest question of all, what the hell is happening during the first 2:10 minutes of the song Daddy?


Thanks for any theories!
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Mercyful Fate history tour
« Last post by TheUnborn on September 01, 2017, 07:46:28 pm »
Absolutely, the Beat Bop-shop of Michael Denner is great. He is usually there and loves to talk to his fans. Totally down to earth guy, a real gentleman. And his shop has a lot of interesting lps!
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Mercyful Fate history tour
« Last post by KingOfTheRotten on August 28, 2017, 03:36:47 am »
Denner does indeed own a record store, I quite nice one too! It is called Beat Bop Records and the address is: Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde 14, 1173 København K
King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Mercyful Fate history tour
« Last post by piecemeal on August 26, 2017, 07:54:10 pm »
Hey all - I'm visiting Copenhagen in a few weeks and I'm wondering if you have any recommendations on places of interest to King Diamond / MF fans. I've heard that possibly Denner or Shermann owns a record store? That may not be true. But would love to visit any spots that are important parts of Diamond-lore. Without being a creep. Ha. Thanks for your recommendations!
Hello everyone,
Today we were surprised with a new announcement.
Only 2 months after play in Brazil, King Diamond confirmed that they are coming back to be playing in South America once again.
This time in Chile!!!! This is so cool, after so much time LATAM fans will be able to see King playing live twice in a year.
I live in Brazil, and just started my plan to be in Chile later October.

If you're planning to be there, let's have a beer (or more than one)! #StayHeavy  :cool: :gah:

King Diamond and Mercyful Fate / Re: Mansion in darkness live 1987?
« Last post by The Joker on August 21, 2017, 11:20:43 am »
According to mfkdfaq, they performed it on most shows in 87:
for example:
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