Author Topic: RENZO HELP!!!!!! (related to the ask King forum from earlier today)  (Read 2173 times)

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For the last 2 days I have been dying for this opportunity to ask King 2 questions and I was unfortunately unable to to ask my questions during this absolutely golden moment.

In the old forum I have once asked if anyone thought King would be open to any ideas from his fans about new story lines and what not. In that old forum Matt even sent me his email address to send my storyline idea over. (Sadly my computer has crashed since then and that email is long gone).

Ever since I heard my first King album I have been writing songs/stories in music form along the same horror genre.

According to Kings last post he said that he will get to more of our questions later on after checking emails...

I know what Matt told me a couple of years ago but I want to know from KING if he would be interested in reading over any ideas. I not doing this for anything in return like money, or my name in an album cover or anything like that. I wont say that I wouldn't turn down an autograph or a chance at a photo but I would love to send some of my stuff to the King. At the very least maybe he would enjoy my stories as much as I have enjoyed his.

My second question was if King would be open to any requests from the fans regarding set list for the upcoming tour. I would love to hear Lady in Black or Bye Bye Missy live. I plan on being at the Cleveland and Detroit concerts and would kill to hear     those songs live!!!!

Can you PLEASE forward this posting into the Ask King forum or find a way to get this into one of his emails? To me (at least) this is a HUGE deal.

Thanks for your time in reading this.