Author Topic: Favorite moments in KD/MF songs?  (Read 2310 times)

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Favorite moments in KD/MF songs?
« on: July 01, 2007, 06:16:36 pm »
what does everyone else find to be favorite parts of his discography. I'm talking individual sections, not whole songs. SPECIFICALLY ones you think of immediately. obviously my list would be incredibly long. I'm talking the first few moments that come to mind when you read this.
I know for most of it It could be every song, but I'm talking if you had to pinpoint certain moments.
Greatest can mean most epic, most powerful, most memorable, most moving, etc.

These would be some of mine: song - part   

Sleepless Nights - Eternal deal / amon belongs to them now
Family Ghost - Opening solo / the delivery - some of King's best vocals IMO
Arrival - the low voiced "18 is actually 9"
Accusation Chair - The delivery of the lyrics in general is one of my absolute favorite King performances
Invisible Guests - the whammy bar heavy guitar lick after the opening riff
Welcome Home - "Missy and mother ... are you alright?" , all of the solos
Voodoo - "Drink Drink ... and feed the GODS!" followed by the riff
Trees Have Eyes - The last solo
Bell Witch - "good night john..." followed by that last solo is one of my favorite moments in music period
Shadows - first solo
Darkness - "Send her far away..."
Meet Me at Midnight - yet another "general vocal delivery" choice