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What is King Diamond's Real Name?

--- Quote ---Kim Bendix Petersen
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What did King choose the name "King Diamond"?

--- Quote from: prhill on June 24, 2010, 04:29:21 pm ---Kim (King) himself does not know.  When in Brainstorm he and the other guys all decided to use different names for themselves.  One guy was Jesse James and one was West or something if I remember right and Kim was King Diamond.  But he has said many times he does not remember why or what it is suppose to mean.

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And backed up by Livia:

--- Quote from: Livia Zita on June 25, 2010, 01:50:26 am ---This is correct. Thanks Prhill. :)

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What Does 18 is 9 Actually Mean?

--- Quote ---King says the obvious that 9 is the Satanic number and stands for Abigail as Satanists can be and accept both good and evil.  it is up to the listener to decide if Abigail is good or evil in what she does and why.  The ages of 18 and 27 add up to nine and so does the date of July 7th 1777.  Nine is going throughout the whole story because it is the Satanic number.  At that point in the story 18 is actually 9 because Abigail is on the way inside of Miriam so 18 becomes 9.  18 is Miriam and 9 is Abigail
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Explanation by Warlock

--- Quote ---This one is quite simple. Miriam LaFey is 18 years old. She gets pregnant which is 9 months. So 18 = 9 means the 18 year old girl becomes 9 months pregnant. (Jonathan = 27)

Nine is a satanic or magical number. if you take the table of 9, the results (whenever counted together) always give 9.
1 x 9 = 9
2 x 9 = 18 (1+8=9)
3 x 9 = 27 (2+7=9)
and so on. See the picture?

King uses this number alot in his lyrics. Whenever there are dates, ages or any kind of numbers mentioned, they always equal 9 or a multiplicity of that number.
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Quote from King Diamond

--- Quote ---The number 9 is going throughout the whole story a lot of places and 18 stands for Miriam and 9 stands for Abigail because it is the Satanic number, and Satanists can be and accept both good and evil.  It is up to listener to decide if Abigail is good or evil in the story.  If you take 18,  8 plus 1 is 9.  If you multiply the numbers in 1777 and up the results it comes back to 9.  Jonathon is 27 and 7 plus 2 are 9.  At that point in the story where Jonathon does not listen to the warning of the family ghost 18 becomes 9 as Abigail is already on the way inside of Miriam."  That is a direct quote from an old radio interview that King did where he was asked that question.  Luckily I have it on tape.
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Whats the Deal with the Melissa Skull?

--- Quote ---""Melissa" is the name of a skull King Diamond used to carry on stage, and also a fictional deceased witch that appears in three songs. Before the recordings of the album Melissa, King Diamond had acquired a human skeleton that he named "Melissa". He used the femur bones to make his trademark microphone handle. The skull was apparently stolen during a show in the Netherlands.

The skull was inspiration behind the album Melissa, and the title track of the album is very different from the rest of the album, as it is much slower than the other songs (which are speedier and more aggressive). The lyrics tell of a male protagonist (usually identified as King Diamond himself by fans) who lost the love of his life, who was a witch who was burnt at the stake by a Catholic Priest. The story builds itself up around the emotions of the protagonist, who first feels sadness and uncertainty, hope for her to still be alive, and then rage over his loss. He swears revenge on the priest who burnt her, proclaiming that he must die in the name of hell. The song ends with a whisper that hints Melissa's spirit is still with the protagonist.

The second song Melissa appears on is on the album Don't Break the Oath in the song "Come to the Sabbath", once again at the climax of the album. The lyrics tell about a satanic coven holding a sabbath, in which the protagonist emerges to perform a ritual to "put an evil curse on the priest who took the life of Melissa". Though she is not the focus of the lyrics this time, because of her mention the song is known as a "Melissa song". Additionally, one of the main characters on the King Diamond's album Them was named "Missy", which is a common diminutive of Melissa.

The final song Melissa appears in is on Mercyful Fate's reunion album In the Shadows on the song "Is That You, Melissa?". The lyrics tell of the protagonist once again in sorrow about the loss of his love. He begins to hear her voice and goes to the coven to have them perform a ritual to speak with her ghost. The coven objects, saying that it is against the rules. The protagonist is visited by Melissa's spirit who shares a kiss with the protagonist. The subject of the song is argued by some; one side says the lyrics are not a continuation of the Melissa story but a tribute by the band to their past, while the other side sees it as the end of the Melissa story. It is widely accepted that she is the girl on the album cover of "In the Shadows" facing the old oak tree. After In the Shadows, Melissa has not been mentioned any more in both lyrics and artwork."
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What did King Do Before He Joined Mercyful Fate?

--- Quote ---King worked as a lab assistant before he joined Mercyful Fate
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Is the Necklace Mentioned in "Abigail 2" the Same Necklace from "The Eye"?Explination by RipperBendix

--- Quote ---and yes it is a necklace that looks exactly like the eye and maybe even could be the eye. I asked King myself and he said "yeah, that's exactly how it looks like" so it's probably not the SAME necklace, but one resembling it. Abigail 2 is choke-full with cross-references to earlier works.
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Why Did Timi Hansen Leave Mercyful Fate?

--- Quote ---He Left For Family Reasons.
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What Classic Horror Movies Were Used in the Video for Sleepless Nights?Explination by Bub

--- Quote --- City Of the Dead aka Horror Hotel - John Llewellyn Moxey (1960)

Black Sunday aka The Mask Of Satan - Mario Bava. (1960)
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Is King Diamond a Satanist?

King Diamond Quote

--- Quote --- "I have to stress that all this Satanism is highly exaggerated. I mean, I don't pray to Satan or something like that, and I don't put black curses on people, making them into frogs or some crazy fucking thing like that. I just had my normal Danish upbringing, and I was a very self-conscious human being when I was young. One day, I saw the satanic bible, and I thought that this was actually the way I was already living my life. So I began studying it some more. I have been to San Francisco to see the Satan church and I also know LaVey's daughters personally, but that still doesn't mean that I am cursing people or praying to Satan. You know - it was more of a publicity thing of the 80'ies."
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Why Did Mikkey Dee Leave the King Diamond Band?

Quote From Mikkey Dee

--- Quote ---There was lot's of interviews of King Diamond in magazines where was just pictures of him and no pictures from a band at all. He was the only one who was interviewed and all the statements came from him. It was all his decision cause he was a star and wanted rest of us to be quiet. I just didn't like that too much and I tried to speak with him but nothing changed. I mean, in the beginning we were a band!! Not just bunch of background musicians backing for him. So I just left. That was a hard decision then but I did it.
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What Does King Diamonds Symbol Mean?

--- Quote ---A symbol for the alchemical element Sulfur, which is analogous to the human soul. Alchemically, sulfur has the qualities of masculine, hot and dry- combined with Mercury (feminine, cool and moist), the pair were considered the parents of all metals.

Alchemical drawings often portray Sulfur as the sun. (In some views, sulfur and salt are the parents of Mercury) The symbol of sulfur is often used as an identifying symbol by many Satanists. This glyph is often referred to incorrectly as the "pontifical cross of Satan" by tract writers, due to its adoption as an emblem of Satanism by Anton LeVey.
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What is the Story Behind the King's Bone Microphone Stand?

--- Quote ---Oh, that goes all the way back to when I was still living in Copenhagen, right around the time Mercyful Fate was born. Probably some time in 1981. One of my brother’s friends was the son of a doctor who was lecturing medical students on operating procedures. The medical school accepted donated bodies for research. The doctor brought some bones back for his kid from a barrel where they discarded them after using them as teaching aids. So my brother traded something to his school pal for the bones—a shin bone and a thigh bone. That’s how I got them and I thought, “Oh, maybe I should make a microphone stand out of these.” I’ve had the same set of bones as long as I’ve been performing.
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Whats The Story Behind the Name Mercyful Fate?

--- Quote ---The name Back To Hell was considered for a while, but then the girlfriend of their manager suggested Merciful Fate. The name was chosen, but changed to Mercyful Fate when the classic gothic lettered logo was created, still in March 1981.
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Who is the Floating Head?

Livia Zita Quote

--- Quote ---The floating head is a spirit called on by the little girl to kill the main character so that she can take his soul.
Just like all the moths in the cellar, which are used by the spirit of the girl to try and scare him to death.
Since she needs King's soul, she's trying to kill him in supernatural ways (the only means available to her). Fortunately, he manages to convince her at the end of the album to go and find (kill) someone else for their soul, since his is full of sin and hence not good enough to save the girl's brother.

And that's when the little girl moves on to your house...
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The Line "Baby Abigail was eating, oh i cannot tell you" from The Black Horseman, What is She Eating?

Livia Zita Quote

--- Quote ---Baby Abigail was eating her own mother. The details are left to your own imaginations
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Why did King make Dallas, Texas his residence?

Livia Zita Quote

--- Quote ---Originally, King first moved to L.A., but he didn't like the fast paced life and some of the mentality. Then he moved to Texas, to Carrolton (because his ex-wife was from there). Also, because he really liked the southern hospitality, the mild winters (he had many years of 6-month long winters in Denmark, and the slower pace that was similar to Denmark. He then moved to the North Dallas suburbs (back in 1995), where we currently live. Texas Motor Speedway being close was a bonus :)
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How did Dimebag Darrell end up playing the solo on Voodoo?

King Diamond Quote

--- Quote ---I got to know the Abbots shortly after arriving in Dallas in 1992. Actually, that same year, on New Years Eve, I jammed with Dimebag, Rex, and Vinny at a club in Arlington, at which we played these three songs: The Ripper, The Green Menelishi and Omens. Since then, we always tried to keep in contact, and a great mutual friend, Sterling Winfield, who had worked a lot with Pantera, was working on our Voodoo album and he suggested to have Dimebag come in and do a solo. The experience was absolutely awesome. Dimebag was the absolute nicest person and what a treat it was to actually get to see him work, an experience I'll never forget.
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