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Bit of lore
« on: December 09, 2006, 03:38:42 am »
Long ago i had asked king in person the origins of the skull of Melissa and had heard many rumors before.Heard that it was the skull of a woman who had been sacrificed in a druid ritual and then heard king had found it in a forest somewhere.

Another rumor was that it was the skull of a ex girlfriend and i do stress ex.

Well king told me he got the skull from a doctor in denmark...well cool that Lay to rest many of the rumors. Well as most of us know it was stolen but had heard that half of it was infact recovered as to the legitimacy of that i cannot say.

Anyways thats a just a bit of lore and remember if someone ever takes your skull you should...well i don't know but stay heavy !
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Re: Bit of lore
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Quite fun to read this again.