Author Topic: Why no love for Abigail II: The Revenge?  (Read 1664 times)

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Why no love for Abigail II: The Revenge?
« on: April 27, 2013, 03:01:02 pm »
It seems as though this album might not have been received as other KD releases. Of course I absolutely dug this album and was pleasantly surprised when King revealed more of the tale of Abigail and Johnathan La Fey. The production is very crisp and everything is mixed perfectly on the album. IMO it truly was one of the best sounding albums in many years for KD at that point in their career.

It has many classic tracks including The Storm, Miriam, More Than Pain, the utterly fantastic Spirits, and the truly haunting song Mommy

I was just wondering why it is that this release is not mentioned by fans as often.

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