Author Topic: Describe with one/two words(or a phrase)your "feeling" for every album of King.  (Read 2978 times)

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Fatal Portrait:Unique atmosphere
The Eye:More than decent
The Spider's Lullaby:Lacking
The Graveyard:Small
Voodoo:Miraculous recovery
House of God:Stabillity and Honesty
Abigail II:The Revenge:Hasty
The Puppetmaster:Near Mastery
Give me you soul...please:Masterpiece

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It's pretty hard to describe a King's album with few words...

Fatal Portrait: Ghostly
Abigail: Thrilling
"Them": Totally crazy
Conspiracy: Fuckin' heavy
The Eye: Charming
The Spider's Lullabye: Very good (can't find a right adjective to describe my feeling)
The Graveyard: Sick
Voodoo: Cursed
House Of God: Absolutely brillant
Abigail II: The Revenge: A true black pearl
The Puppet Master: Dark and romantic
Give Me Your Soul... Please: Chilling

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Fatal Portrait: Unique Atmosphere
Abigail: Masterpiece
"Them": Fuckin' good idea
Conspiracy: Guitars riffs = GREAT
The Eye: Strange drums sounds, but good riffs
The Spider's Lullabye: Good
The Graveyard: Very nice!
Voodoo: Nice
House Of God: Very good!!!
Abigail II: The Revenge: The 1st is better, but good too
The Puppet Master: Fuckin' good album
Give Me Your Soul... Please: Masterpiece

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OK, I used as few words as possible, but ended up with more than two on some.

Fatal Portrait: Ahead of it's time
Abigail: Timeless classic
Them: Two thumbs up
Conspiracy: Kicks ass
The Eye: Killer
The Spider's Lullabye: Acceptable
The Graveyard: Twisted & fucked up
Voodoo: Best of the new
House Of God: Decent
Abigail II: Too late
The Puppet Master: Regaining ground
Give Me Your Soul... Please: Undetermined
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Meet me at the graves my friend
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Nuns Have No Fun-Masterpiece
Don't Break the Oath-Masterpiece
The Beginning-Fantastic
Return of the Vampire-Great
In the Shadows-Great
Into the Unknown-Very Good
Dead Again-Great(still warming up to this release)

Fatal Portrait-Classic
The Eye-Classic
Spider's Lullabye-Obligatory/Good
The Graveyard-Good/KD's first socially aware storyline
Voodoo-Very Good
House of GOD-Great
Abigial II-The Revenge-Fantastic
The Puppet Master-Classic/KD's best love story
Give Me Your Soul...Please-Fantastic

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Fatal Portrait - Unofficial 3rd Mercyful Fate album
Abigail - A whole new sound for a whole new band
Them - Classic
Conspiracy - Amazing, great guitar work, amazing vocals, really wraps up the story of "Them"
The Eye - Some of the best song writing
Spider's Lullabye - Very flawed and unpassionate with some hidden gems
The Graveyard - Underrated classic
Voodoo - Meh.
House Of God - Good
Abigail II - Awful
The Puppetmaster - Incredible
Give Me Your Soul... Please - Incredible

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Fatal Portrait: Atmospheric & heavy
Abigail: The greatest
"Them": Progressive masterpiece
Conspiracy: Great guitar album
The Eye: Melodic masterpiece
The Spider's Lullabye: Dark and melodic
The Graveyard: Theatrical masterpiece
Voodoo: Very heavy masterpiece
House Of God: Catchy and storywise
Abigail II: The Revenge: Theatrical & progressive
The Puppet Master: Excellent horror-/lovestory
Give Me Your Soul... Please: Mindblowing masterpiece

I might add the MF albums later. :cool:

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Fatal Portrait: Ghostly
Abigail: Masterpiece
"Them": Athmospheric
Conspiracy: Average
The Eye: Melodic masterpiece
The Spider's Lullabye: Distant
The Graveyard: Insane
Voodoo: Oppressive
House Of God: Mindblowing
Abigail II: The Revenge: Lacking
The Puppet Master: Masterpiece
Give Me Your Soul... Please: Brilliant


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FATAL PORTRAIT. Haunting classic     ABIGAIL. amazing solid THEM. masterpiece, the best                  CONSPIRACY. sequal fantastic                  THE EYE. very good     SPIDERS LULLABYE. Good hollow             THE GRAVEYARD. special fantastic         VOODOO. solid amazing                   HOUSE OF GOD. very good solid                ABIGAIL 2. very good  THE PUPPET MASTER. intence great            GIVE ME YOUR SOUL PLEASE. another amazing album