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Ok, we are trying the black & red theme again. If the board starts crashing again, I will change it back. You should be able to select the Blue Default theme if you don't like this one.  Please give us feedback regarding the theme and your experience in using the forum with it applied.

I prefer this look way more, it definitely looks, "Cooler" and it is running smoothly for me.

I literally got startled when I logged in here, I got a little shocked.

It also makes my avatar look better, it looks like my head is just floating around the forum.

i love it!!! my 2 fav colors!! keep it this way! \m/ :king:

Maya Magdalena:
Yep yep yep! now i can feel the omnipresent darkness with the light drop of eclectic fear... the essence of grave crushing balls of random unexpected visitors with the force unimaginable for average earth philosopher!!... i llllove it!

and works fine for me ^^ keep it going! :D

Countess De La Fey:
Ohh hell yes! I love it!!! it's so much cooler than the last GMYSP theme \m/  \m/  \m/

Now how about that laughing smilie? :gah:


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