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Satan's favourite song down in hell

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Satans Fall  :king:

Room of the Golden Air:

--- Quote from: Night Prowler on February 06, 2010, 07:09:02 am ---"Tonight seven souls are reaching Hell" - Maybe 'A Dangerous Meeting'?
I think Old Nick would probably enjoy listening to the whole album from start to finish.
I noticed a couple of people referring to the track 'Welcome Princes of Hell' as 'Welcome Princess of Hell'. I always thought it was a typo error on the record sleeve and they added an extra 'S' by mistake. Is it not supposed to be Princes as in more than one Prince? I also noticed in the discography section, the lyrics also say Princess and not Princes. Is this wrong also?

--- End quote ---
Old Nick, havn't heard that in awhile
"were gonna spy on god"    \m/
Do you happen to remember the name of the movie where the guy asks the girl if she wanted to meet Old Nick, and he threw her in a lake
Thats the only other reference I really remember seeing the term 'Old Nick' in  :)

Vlad the Impaler:
One would assume that Heavy Metal Music would be the soundtrack to hell when actually
Ice Ice Baby from Vanilla Ice is a horrendous song. And such an Evil song as Ice Ice baby
would be played and why? Because it sucks, it's torturous, and rap is evil.

metal forever:
The Oath.  :king:

The Oath is the ultimate satanic anthem!


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