Author Topic: The Graveyard or The Eye?  (Read 6528 times)

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Re: The Graveyard or The Eye?
« Reply #25 on: July 27, 2010, 03:35:31 am »
I'm going to say The Graveyard.

The guitar solos on The Eye are mostly better than those on The Graveyard - the combination of Andy & Pete was crazy good, but i feel that The Graveyard concept was stronger, Andy lets fly with some amazing solos (Meet Me At Midnight) & King is just....insane :D: . The remaster does make a difference to the sound quality IMO & I always loved the way the story unfolds.

There's something about the reverb on The Eye that I don't like & the drumming... some of the songs are stronger than those on The Graveyard, others are simplistic (when compared with "Them" and Conspiracy).
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Re: The Graveyard or The Eye?
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The Eye is the better one IMO.Nevertheless this was the first album that didn´t catch me that much.Don´t get me wrong it´s a good one but not a classic like the previous albums.The drumcomputer kills a lot of the album.Mikkey should have done this one too.But even if he did The Eye can´t compete with Conspiracy.
The Graveyard has a weak sound i think.It´s one of Kings weakest album.Never get that into it if i listen to it.