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tour down under???
« on: April 26, 2007, 06:00:38 am »
A big horns up \m/ to all the Diamondbangers world wide from down under... absolutely cannot wait for the release of "Gimme Your Soul....Please" ... I have no idea what the concept for this one will be yet. but as it is King it is guaranteed to be a kewl story...  Any how I had a couple of questions maybe somone can answer.... First what are the chances of an Aussie tour... we are starved down-under for real metal and I would love to experience the live stageshow (I know. I know, its up to the promoters - so it looks bleak for us) with Graaaaandma & the witch and the storylines coming to life, or at least experience the atmosphere of a KD live show.
Anyway questions, during THEM in "Out From The Asylum" who plays the voice of the mother character, the liner notes say KING DIAMOND all vocals so was there an uncredited (or maybe uninvited lol) guest or was it studio trickery or what. I know King can do some amazing stuff with his voice and can play multiple characters but you can tell elsewhere all vocals are by King (excluding some stuff of Puppetmaster by Livia). I've always wondered about that.
Also on THEM during "Welcome Home" King says "Let Me Help You, Out Of The Chair, G-G-GRANDMAAAA" the lyric sheet does not show this loss of fluency, but being a stutterer myself (if it wasn't obvious by my forum name) it sort of stands out to me.  My question is was there a decission to make the character have a stutter or was this just to make the vocal melody fit the music, or maybe is King telling us that he was a stutterer when he was a kid??????? How kewl would that be????
Also on ABIGAIL where the Black Horsemen are going to "nail abigail to her coffin with seven silver spikes" did that idea come from the ancient arabic superstition about nailing down the bloodstain of murder victims to stop their spirits from "never rise(ing) to cause evil again"
Finally is it true that the "Church" portrayed on the cd "House Of God" was based on a real building in France? Also why does the mummified christ character wear a "crown of thorns" if he is based on the christ myth, surely in the time between surviving crucifixion and his eventual death after having a family etc someone would have removed the crown of thorns, or is it more for recognition as people link it with the Jesus myth????
Any answers would be appreciated STAY HEAVY :king:

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Re: tour down under???
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2007, 06:22:55 am »
Cant answer all your questions but I can tell you that the woman in the out from the asylum is definetely not King, but I forget her name.  I remember reading an old article about it a long time ago where King does say who she is.  Will try to dig it up.  That's the only voice he doesnt do.  Also, as far as an Aussie tour, you may want to ask Ole Bang since he is the only one who can "truthfully" answer your question.  He's replied to me a few times before and is really cool about answering those types of questions.  I share your excitement about the new album!   \m/ :king:

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Re: tour down under???
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2007, 06:41:51 am »

Anyway questions, during THEM in "Out From The Asylum" who plays the voice of the mother character, the liner notes say KING DIAMOND all vocals :
Vocals yes, but the woman doesn't sing there. ;)

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Re: tour down under???
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2007, 06:50:58 am »
an answer on your tourquestion

Well, it’s quite simple, and as you say;  “a logistic thing”….and therewith connected also a “financial thing”

When we go on tour we travel with 9-10 tons of equipment, ( and that is not sound & light ) but simply backline gear & stage props and that kind of stuff.
PA, monitors, light and the 3 mixing consoles are locally provided.

Add to this; we travel 14 or 15 people, ( not counting drivers ) and you will understand that a show require a solid financial background to put on the road….which again mean that we need more than ‘just a few shows’ to make ends meet. Theese shows again need to draw a certain number of fans, to make it financially possible for a promoter to book the show. Furthermore the venues must have certain stage and backstage spacifications, which not all can meet.

And that is in fact when we are in Europe, where the majority of our tour party resides.
Going to USA we have to fly a load of people over and ship a 40” container across the Atlantic.

Getting all of this stuff, shipping container + people to Australia would be very very expensive and so far we have not heard from many promoters over the last 15 years who have suggested a show in Australia in the first place, and the few who have asked, have immediately realized the impossible task, when facing these issues.

You might say that most fans would be happy enough just to see the band come and play, ( without the stage show ), but in King’s opinion it will not be the right thing to do.
At our  Europe tour 2006,  we were suggested to fly in to the 2 Russia shows in Moscow and St.Petersburg, but decided against it. Instead we went through all the extra work ( which you can’t even imagine ) and costs, to go there with truck and bus; in order to put the complete show on stage.

Hope this make it slightly more understandable – although it does not bring the show closer to you.
Best regards

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