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Brand New Official Website & Merch Store!

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Livia Zita:
New KING DIAMOND Merchandise now available: coffee mug, pint, glass, and more!

Livia Zita:
Also check out the ad for the merch store ^_^

Just saw this posted on facebook. Browsing the store right now and there is some great items here. Awesome news!  :king:

Great prices too.

holy shit!

there are KD back packs!  a new home for my cables and mics!  :king:

it's about friggin time, but it was worth the wait! a Magic shirt!? Sweeeet.
you know i had a dream last night i was actually painting the king diamond store warehouse. how weird. it was the size of a home depot. lol.

very excited to go broke!

i'm guessing more items will be added over time? i hope?  :-[

The Joker:
when I entered the CWW today and it was under construction I thought we would have some news..but it is awesome..
thanks Livia..
will we have any exclusive merch from the CWW members?


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