Author Topic: A strange dream I had last night...  (Read 1485 times)

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A strange dream I had last night...
« on: September 21, 2015, 04:33:07 am »
I was just arrived in a hurry at King's show which started a half an hour before (it could never happen in real life :D:), and they were playing the song "Spirits"!
Suddenly, while singing, King started to struggle and after a while he left the stage in the middle of the song! Clearly surprised, the rest of the band continued to play watching in each other's eyes!
Livia, very embarassed, promptly started to sing all alone the rest of the song! Then the whole band went backstage and the audience started to rumble!
At a certain point, Livia returned on stage saying that King is not feeling well enough to continue the show (hope nobody's superstitious here! It's just a stupid dream from a stupid guy! :P)!
Determined to not stop the show, she came closer to us to get some suggestions!
I said: "Livia, you can take over and sing the rest of the set!"
She stared at me and said rudely: "No!"
I asked: "Why not?"
Giving me the evil eye, she answered: "Because I said NO!"
And I said: "Ok, you've convinced me!" :icon_lol:

And I woke up! :icon_eek: