Author Topic: Your hopes for the next KD album?  (Read 18998 times)


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Re: Your hopes for the next KD album?
« Reply #75 on: April 28, 2016, 12:09:46 pm »
King is also an amazing man who has quit smoking cold turkey in 2010, and has been sounding better than ever. His vocals are far from declining.
Not a 100% sure what you are basing your comment on, really.


Hey, I got my own segment on album opinions! *grin*

King said several times that if the story requires any parts to be sung by me, and it makes perfect sense to do so as per the story or production or whatever, then I will do it. But in the same equal vein, if there is no need, he will not shoehorn me into the album/story, simply because I am his wife and I need to be on it.
Obviously. :)

Let me add here (without sounding self-aggrandizing), that my vocals have improved considerably in the past 9 years since the last album. :)

Oh King sounds great right now definitely. I'm just worried that after all that smoking and screaming his vocal chords won't hold up long term... There must be some permanent damage even after quitting. I probably should have kept that first post in my head but whatever. (Also I think even if his voice is shot he could do quiet growls and sound like a grumpy old demon lol.  :)

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Re: Your hopes for the next KD album?
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I wish they would take a month or so and all get together and create and record the album TOGETHER.
This is what i'm hoping as well. I really think everyone together would be able to bring out the best of one another so to speak. I understand the logistics of that isn't exactly simple but i do think the story and songwriting would be enhanced when everyone is together. There's a lot of talent in that bunch and i think we'd hear even more of it be showcased that way.

Congrats to king on quitting smoking. It's such a tough thing to do- i know i still battle it daily and slip occasionally. I'm glad to hear he's been able to stay away from that shit- i'm watching it kill a family member now and it's a horrible way to go. Sorry to sound like a PSA but once you see it first hand it definitely changes your perspective. Just happy king gave it up before it was too late.
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Re: Your hopes for the next KD album?
« Reply #77 on: May 27, 2016, 08:15:48 pm »
In the latest Sweden Rock Magazine #4 - April 2016.

Sweden Rock: Will there be a new King Diamond-record?
King: Surely. I definitely want to do another album, and when it comes it will have to make people shit their pants.
I am convinced that we can make such a record. I've got a personal recording-studio for my vocals in my own house
now. So if I suddenly feel the rush to record vocals in the dead of night,  I can do it instantly.
I really don't care what the rumours are concerning the new material. The album arrives when it arrives.

I for one can't wait to see King Diamond live again in a couple of weeks in Sweden!
Folks, be patient. It's not like there isn't enough KD-records to appreciate while we await a new opus.

NP: King Diamond "The Eye"
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