Author Topic: A theory tying all albums into one story....  (Read 1551 times)

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A theory tying all albums into one story....
« on: August 23, 2015, 06:12:40 pm »
I have had a theory knocking around my head for awhile that makes it possible to work all of the albums into one giant story. I have to get it out and see if I am crazy or if it works. So here it is.

I was listening to Them recently and when "Tea" was playing it hit me at the line "what I saw...what I heard made me want to stay and learn" What if most of the albums take place during tea time. And the rest of the albums happen after Them.

We start my idea of the story with album Them. We have Out From the Asylum, Welcome Home, The Invisible Guests and the 1st half of "Tea" Using the line "what I saw" I imagined that when "they" started telling the stories King experienced some of these 1st hand as they were told....kind of like an out of body experience. These stories (albums) would be HOG, The Graveyard, The Puppet Master, the Fatal Portrait arc (Candle, Jonah, Portrait, Haunted and Dressed in White) The Spiders Lullabye arc (The Spiders Lullabye, Eastmann's Cure, Room 17 and To The Morgue) and the songs Killer and From the Other Side would also be in the "what I saw" section.

Then we have the line "what I heard" these would be stories told by Them and King just listened. They would be Abagail, Abagail 2, Voodoo and the songs Charon and The Lake. We go right back into the album Them with Mothers Getting Weaker, Bye Bye Missy, A Broken Spell, Them and most of Twilight Symphony right up to the line "Oh I'm back on the outside" where King is released from the hospital. Now free he experiences The Eye, GMYSP and the songs The Poltergeist, Moonlight, Dreams, The Shrine, They Are Lurking in the Dark and Six Feet Under (which is a dream or bad omen) then he gets the Phone Call. We finish off with Twilight Symphony with the lyrics "Time has caught up with me and I must leave for the old house" and we finish story with Coming Home and then the album Conspiracy.

I had trouble working in No Presents and Halloween so they could blow my theory all together. I hope I was able to convey it well, It worked pretty well in my head. I look forward to hearing from the Coven with any thoughts or ideas. Thanks for reading.  :king:

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Re: A theory tying all albums into one story....
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2015, 11:13:22 am »
They could all just as easily be things seen/experienced through The Eye of the Witch.