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What does this forum need?

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I'll keep this brief.

I just want to gather some feedback from the forum members to make this place better. With Facebook and such, it seems a lot of posting has slowed. Understandable.

What I'd like to know is if this forum is lacking anything, or if it is difficult to use, etc. Missing features?
(Just anything except new theme!)

I need some ideas to kick around, so I need your thoughts.

Feel free to respond here, or send me a PM.



My two cents:

I think this forum lacks of enthusiasm mainly because of the lack of constant activity from the KD/MF camp. When they announce new releases or new tours, there's a peak on our activity here; but given they're quite slow their side, our side gets slowed down as well.

I also think what happened with "the-DVD's-that-never-were" got many of us a bit cynical towards KD. I personally know a couple of members whose interest in the forum lowered significantly after all that. My side, I considered it pretty frustrating too, to be frank.

Also, as a bunch we behaved like a gang of assholes towards Mike Wead, who used to come around and post, but more than once received our explicit rejection. Well, I'm saying "our", but I never did so. Some however did claim the return of Pete Blakk one side, and others praised Michael Denner's rights to be on MF. Nothing wrong with that "per se", but the way we exposed those opinions here wasn't very polite, so we lost the sole member of the band who posted here, which was an asset to the forum, plus his gf. Stupid move from our part!

So, what to do now? I just don't know! But... what if the band created a true Fanclub with releases exclusively for us, like "official bootlegs" and such? I also hope the Abigail live BluRay will get us more active. Nevertheless, speaking of the BluRay, aren't we all a bit worried about when it will ever come out, and even if? Sad, isn't it?

In short, it all can be narrowed down to one thing: the more "alive" the band is, the more alive the forum will become. It's as simple as that.

Now let's just get enough food to keep the flame burning! :)

Hi TwilightKing,

## About the FOrum (platform, usage, etc...) ##
I think that the forum works very well. My only "concern" is about when I want to post some media content like a photo, where I need to upload in somewhere and then use the proper link to display inside the post, but it's totally understandable that tons of media will increase the maintenance cost.

About Facebook, many of us have a profile so is easier to access a group, share and "like" something, but at the same time is impossible to agroup and concentrate conversations. In resume both solutions are good but I see then with different proposal.

I think that we need to encourage people to came back the forum and also present to the new fans. I'm sure that there are a lot of people that doesn't know about the forum.

One point that may help the adoption is an app for mobile devices, currently I have a shortcut on my mobile and sometimes is terrible to answer some threads.
I know that replace the Forum platform is not an easy work, but it may be a good point.

## Band + fan behaviors ##
I agree about what zorrow said, about as more active the band is on social media, more interaction we have on the forum.

Regarding the fan behaviors, it's complicated to control how people expose their thoughts. I'm not sure how to manage this, because when we have several rules people may not feel comfortable to expose their ideas. I think that who is reading the comments needs to "filter" the information that is receiving and the moderator manage the threads with unappropriated content.


it would be pretty cool if it was easier to upload photos.

i still love the forum,  just not much going on lately. :king:

This forum needs more news about the band, more stuff,etc


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