Author Topic: If you could jump into any king diamond story, which one would you choose?  (Read 2432 times)

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So on a less serious note,
I wondered if you could magically jump into any king diamond tale..Which one would you pick and why? Would you pick a certain character? Would it be scary to exist that way?
1,2,3... Go :)  :idea:

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Hard choices but maybe the Abigail story and I would want to be Jonathan so that I could turn things around and kicks Abigail's ass for once!

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The Eye for me. I don't know what I would do there. I might end up being burned at the stake.

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I'd quite like to attend a puppet show in Budapest.

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Pretty cool ideas so far :)

Johnathan..hmm.. I don't know if he could beat Abigail, just think all the roses she's gotten while on tour! Just in thorns alone she may have one lethal coffin ; )

The Eye, that's a story beautifully written. Who would you be though? Father Picard, or the girls, the necklace, or say Madeline? I always found the fact she ran from herself kind of a hopeless manner.

Ah, yes Puppetmaster.. he he I bet you would want a spot on the shop! Wink wink nudge nudge ..hahaha
Might be disturbing seeing all those doll parts floating around ! ????

I think if I could go in any story it would be Them. There are some interesting things going on in that family and well it would be neat to see what actually happened in the end.

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I'd choose to be Lula Chevalier in Voodoo. She knows things :)
Working in the backgrounds :)

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Livia good choice! She's a cool character indeed :)

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Hmm to jump into a King diamond story I would have to say the hero and also the victim of House of God riding through the dark forest in which the trees have eyes that are watching you only to come across a pack of wolves fearing for his life  one of the wolves turns into an angel.

 Along the journey they find the rennes le chateau in France in which they make passionate love.
This mysterious black devil shows  the  hero a hole in the floor leading the catacombs where  human skulls and bones are kept within the niches but it is so dark with only a candle to light the way.  Finally he discovers the mummy of Christ and then the powerful entities.

The master of  or masters the universe basically confuse the fuck out of the poor soul and leave him questioning even further but they reveal to him it does not matter what he or anyone else perceive as the truth they are what they are who they are and our mortal minds will never understand their means or motives.

Long story short our hero hangs himself.  If i could delve into a masterful KD story and play a character say in a movie or so that would definitely be the one.

Stay heavy  \m/
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