King Diamond “Deadly Lullabyes (Live)”

Posted on Sep 21, 2004 in Discography, King Diamond

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ARTIST: King Diamond
ALBUM: Deadly Lullabyes (Live)
RELEASE DATE: 09/21/2004

01. Funeral
02. A Mansion in Darkness
03. The Family Ghost
04. Black Horseman
05. Spare this Life
06. Mansion in Sorrow
07. Spirits
08. Sorry Dear
09. Eye of the Witch
10. Sleepless Nights

01. The Puppet Master
02. Blood to Walk
03. So Sad
04. Living Dead
05. Welcome Home
06. The Invisible Guests
07. Burn
08. Halloween
09. Introductions
10. No Presents for Christmas

More Album Info

King Diamond: Vocals, Keyboards
Andy La Rocque: Guitar
Mike Wead: Guitar
Hal Patino: Bass
Matt Thompson: Drums

Post Production at: Los Angered Recording, Gothenborg Sweden and Nomad Recording Studios, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.
Post production engineering: Andy La Rocque & J.T. Longoria
Mixed at King’s House by King Diamond, Andy La Rocque
Engineered by Andy La Rocque
Mastered at Nomad Recording Studio by Andy La Rocque, King Diamond and Gary Long
Live sound recording engineers: Oystein Wieli & Jacob Navnev