A Corpse Without Soul
This was officially released in a different shorter version than it appears here. This special version was originally meant to last for just about 10 minutes, but due to a brilliant fuck-up by the engineer it appears here in a 8 minute version. We had been fighting for over two hours to get this thing right, but time after time one of the guys in the band made a mistake, and we had to record the song all over again. We were just about to call it a day and leave the studio in total depression when one of us said "OK, one last time and that's it". This last time there were no mistakes and we all felt great until we entered the control room, where this long haired freak of a button pusher laid the news on us. "I'm really sorry folks, but the taperecorder ran out of tape", he mumbled. "I lost the entire ending". Later that same year this guy had to close down the studio. I wonder why.

Listen, I'm a corpse, I'm a corpse
I'm a corpse without soul
Satan, he's taken, he's taken
He's taken his toll
And he took it out on me

I, I'm trapped, I'm trapped
I'm trapped in his spell
Tonight, I'm going, I'm going
I'm going to Hell, inside his spell

I was walking down among the graves
I heard a cry, my shadow is gone
Emptiness in my body, I felt so alone
Small black wings on my naked back
Now guess what I saw on one of the stones
I saw my soul, in a magical haze
It was all dressed up as a corpse in a wedding dress
Small black wings on my naked back
Now hear my prayer, beggin' for mercy
I'm living to die

Satan has taken his toll.