Death Kiss
Here's a very special version of a song that later came to be titled 'A Dangerous Meeting' on the "Don't Break The Oath" album. This version has completely different lyrics and some very interesting, different riffing. Staying at a small and extremely cold little hotel right opposite a huge graveyard in the city of Hull, England put us in the right atmosphere to record this song. I remember that night when the police came patrolling the sacred place across the street, and we had to hide in between the tombstones. Who was it that got struck by panic and started running, or should I say falling, over these monuments of death? Hank?, Timi?

Dark lady coming out at night
Still glory
Let's those legs on fire
She's going to the well at night
Let's the mercy on and kill the fangs
A shock

Bells ringing from the citadel it's a woman
People running girl haunted
Death kiss blowin' down the lane
And now she's big enough the world is gonna die

Time slips away
You can't stop oh-ho
She may give us death kiss
She may give us a kiss

Everything is turned upside down
There's a child there divine
Dark lady taking care again yeah
Now she's walking back to hell with just her hands

Time slips away
You can't stop oh-ho
Death kiss

Aaahhh a little child
Aaahhh she's gonna die

The child has lost its way
The child is dead
Oh-ho she's dead