KING DIAMOND European tour postponed

Posted on Jun 26, 2007 in News

- June 26th, 2007 -

Most regretfully I have to inform you that the King Diamond Europe tour will have to be postponed.

King has over the past month and a half, been suffering from severe pain in his back, and following several visits to doctors, specialists and most recently an MRI-scan; he has been diagnosed a herniated disc in the spine, and prescribed absolute rest for several months.

Failure to follow the doctors orders, will cause irreparable damage to his spine, and for obvious reasons there is no way he can go on tour and perform, with all the travel and physical activities this would include.

We expect King to recover fully after a prolonged period of rest, and we are determined to re-schedule the tour dates, not cancel the tour.

Further details of the re-schedule of the Europe tour will be given here as soon as possible.

Since we will need some time to reschedule, the ticket’s already purchased will be refunded the way this is usually done.

Don’t rush the ticket issuer right away; give it a few days – they only got this information today – some might not know till tomorrow!

The US-tour will not be affected by this. All should be well by early 2008.

One way or another you will soon have a couple of words from King directly.

He is currently completing interviews, but at a much slower pace than normally, but he will of course make time for you here at the Coven.