King Diamond receives Grammy Nomination for Best Metal Performance!

Posted on Dec 7, 2007 in News

- December 7th, 2007 -

Metal Blade is both very proud and excited to announce that King Diamond has received a Grammy Nomination for BEST METAL PERFORMANACE for the track Never Ending Hill off their latest album Give me Your Soul… Please.

King comments on his bands nomination:

“It’s a great honor to be picked as a nominee; it’s totally shocking and unexpected. We do feel as a band that this is the best album we have ever done. Hopefully there will be many more albums and tours to come. We feel that we have at least another good 10 years in us! This nomination is a testament to our legion of loyal fans and our thanks go out to them for the endless support and all of the kind words.”

Metal Blade owner and CEO Brian Slagel comments on having two bands nominated for this years Grammy’s:

“All of us at Metal Blade Records are extremely honored to have 2 of our artists, As I Lay Dying and King Diamond, nominated for Grammy awards. They both truly deserve this honor for the great artistry they have accomplished on these tremendous releases.”

King Diamond’s Give Me Your Soul… Please was released on June 26th 2007 and came in at #174 on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart! Give Me Your Soul… Please is a blistering metal horror-opera concept album that draws from themes from the occult and both King Diamond’s personal life, after-life experiences, as well as King Diamond’s signature dark imagination. The result is a montage of murder mysteries meets nightmare dream sequences wrapped in a proto-power-metal soundtrack. As King describes it, “Give Me Your Soul… Please is a horror murder mystery story mixed with reality from beginning to end.”

“Augmenting the gothic storytelling and polished musical performances with the usual array of pipe organs, harpsichords and assorted spooky sound effects, Give Me Your Soul…Please is like a bad dream. In a very good way.” Decibel Magazine

“For rock fans worldwide, Elvis is king. For many metal fans, King Diamond is their sovereign.” Metal Edge Magazine

“…the King of Horror Metal.” Terrorizer

“He’s more metal than Ozzy, more shocking than Alice, more leather than Halford, and with his first release in four years, he’s outdone even himself.”

“No one in metal can hit the high notes like this guy can…” Outburn Magazine